• On February 1st, the 5th grade students, along with their teachers, celebrated their hard work in the second marking period.  They joined Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG and American Recreational Military Services to provide a one way  trip for Valentine’s Day cards, comfort packages, and gifts to reach our South Jersey troops in active duty around the world. Lite Rock's morning DJ, Eddie Davis, came to talk to the students about "paying in forward" and making our military troops valentines.  With the help from students in the Marsh school, over 400 homemade valentines were made.  In addition, students participated in a dance party provided by Lite Rock, played games, and won tickets to the Franklin Institute.  Attales 7th and 8th graders, under the direction of Mr. John White, are also collecting other needed supplies for same program. 

    Here are photos of the 5th grade participating in their service learning project.       Click HERE to see a video of the dance party.

    photo of valentines that students made girls making valentines DJ  Eddie Davis at lite rock 96.9 students dancing students playing a game with hula hoops students playing 5th grade teachers holding a plaque students making valentines students dancing in gym two friends with arms around each other 5th graders sitting on bleachers with DJ Eddie Davis