• First Annual End of Year Thank You Event

    I can honestly say that the End of Year Thank You Event on June 19th far exceeded any expectations I had for it in September. Simply put, our teachers and PTO nailed it! The kids had a blast from what I saw and the feedback I got from them. This event was for students who made it through the entire year without receiving one discipline referral or failing one class for the year. We had over 300 students in attendance!!! That says a lot about the quality of students we have at Attales Middle School!

    Special thanks to our Absecon PTO who has been outstanding this year with their support and always being there whenever we needed anything. Thank you Kim Bradenberger and the rest of the PTO. You guys are awesome and truly represent what a PTO should be. We also can't forget our Absecon Police.  I think the police had more fun soaking the kids than the teachers did.

    I don't want to start naming names because I know I'll forget someone. This year's End of Year Thank You Event was special and we all played a role in that...enough said. That feeling of being a part of something special won't be going away anytime soon. Great things continue to be on the horizon for the Attales Middle School and our students, our staff, and our parents are the main reason!! 




    Mr. Kevin Burns

    Proud Principal of Attales Middle School