• Shore Medical Center


    A hospital visit can be scary for any child, but for children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing disorders, it can be overwhelming - and even interfere with proper care.  That's why Shore Medical Center is proud to now offer a full sensory-friendly experience at our Pediatric Care Center.  The seperate hybrid ER and inpatient unit features include:

    - Caring, compassionate pediatric specialists trained by experts to support children with autism and processing disorders

    - Footprint decals on the floor designed to help your child focus on getting from the entrance to the treatment room

    - Communication tools just like those your child might use at home adn school, customized to a healthcare expert

    - Sensory installations such as bubble walls and sound machines to help create a calming environment

    - A wide array of sensory toys, weighted blankets, and noice-cancelling headphones to help distract your child during treatments


    To better plan for your upcoming visit, please call ahead at (609) 653-3725.  When you arrive, you will park in the reserved partking space as pictured in the flyer above.  This space is located in the valet across from the main entrance.