• The Attales Sledgehammer Award

    The Sledgehammer is an award presented to the students and staff who serve as an inspiration to others through their hard work, dedication, compassion, perseverance and never quit attitude. A staff member presents the Sledgehammer to a student who serves as an inspiration to that teacher and to other students and staff. In turn, that student then gets to present the Sledgehammer to a staff member who serves as an inspiration. Students and staff who receive the Sledgehammer best exemplify the words painted on the hammer: Never Quit, Compete, Dream, 120%, All In, Focus, Hard Work=Results, No Excuses, I Can- I Will- I Must. Recipients of the Sledgehammer get to write their name on the sledgehammer handle. Their names are never removed from the sledgehammer. Instead, they are painted over at the end of each year so that they will also be part of that makes the Sledgehammer a special award and what makes the Attales Middle School a special place.

    Attales Sledgehammer