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Interested in being a part of The Road Back: Re-Opening Committee?

I would like to thank everyone who expressed interest in being a part of The Road Back: Re-Opening Committee.  Those who were selected for the committee were advised in an earlier email.  I appreciate everyone who submitted interest, but due to limited capacity not everyone that inquired was selected.  The committee currently consists of 35 parents, Board of Education members, Administration, staff, and community members.
For additional updates:
  1. The committee will present at the July Board meeting: Tuesday, July 28, 2020.
  2. There will be two question and answer sessions for parents and one for staff prior to the start of school; Mid-August.
Thank you,
Dr. Daniel J. Dooley
Superintendent of Schools
Absecon Public School District
P: (609) 641-5375 Ext.1015