Superintendent's Office

Dr. Daniel J. Dooley, Superintendent of Schools

Dear Families of the Absecon School District,

I look forward to joining the Absecon Team which already has many things to celebrate: a top-notch staff that is truly dedicated to their profession as they serve as true advocates for all students, parents that are extremely dedicated to providing their children with the best educational opportunity possible, and a Board of Education and Administrative Team that is devoted to providing students with the most enriching curricular opportunities by supplying all staff the practical essentials that truly exemplify the art of teaching and learning. All of this, compounded by a population of students that are eager to learn, and frequently surpasses even the highest expectations, we will solidify Absecon School District's success in the years to come. In an effort to maximize our schools' potential we have set rigorous yet attainable goals.

This year we will focus on:

  • a district wide social and emotional character development program aimed at strengthening the basic needs of all students above and beyond academics
  • implementation of positive behavioral reinforcement to negate potential at-risk behaviors, and a more consistent approach to redirected disciplinary infractions
  • a comprehensive Gifted and Talented Program framed within our S.T.E.A.M. Program
  • enhancement of our technology capabilities and instructional integration throughout the district
  • enhancements of the fine arts program and classroom integration of the arts
  • comprehensive S.T.E.A.M. programming that will seek to maximize 21st Century learning for all students
  • emphasis on literacy, special education, and data analysis
  • designing programs that meet the needs of all students through curricular resources, instructional supports, and targeted professional development for staff across all content areas.

We will accomplish these goals through:

  • maintaining a collaborative relationship with all stakeholders
  • immediate implementation of Founts and Pinnell Benchmark assessments leveled readers, and the guided reading model
  • immediate integration of kindergarten through eighth grade Writer's Workshop Model, through School-wide Fundamentals
  • the implementation of district-wide Literacy and Mathematics Coaches
  • obtaining a Director of Special Services and Curriculum
  • addition of a second guidance counselor
  • district-wide S.T.E.A.M. Specialist to facilitate and grow current initiative
  • additional Basic Skills Instructors throughout the district
  • expansion of the preschool program

We look forward to meeting each of our parents throughout the school year. Please remember that there will be an open door policy at both of our schools and within the office of the superintendent. It is our mission to collaboratively engage with all members of our school community to not only celebrate our successes, but collectively overcome any potential obstacles. I would like to thank each of you in advance for the tremendous amount of work it will take for us to meet our shared goals, and we look forward to celebrating our many accomplishments together this year, and in years to come.

Thank You,

Dr. Daniel J. Dooley

Superintendent of Schools

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