Parent Advisory Committee

Who are we?

Absecon parents and community members who come together to address school issues concerning families, school staff, curriculum, process, and procedures with the purpose of assisting the district within its growth in supporting goals and directions that meet the ever evolving needs of our students. We act as a liaison between families and school administration to address issues in a manner that respects the privacy of all involved while also working to address the areas of concern that will benefit all learners.

Any parent committed to providing the best educational opportunity for all children is invited to participate, and will continue their service until June of 2020 in their duties of representing the entire constituency of parents and their collective concerns, and making a conscience effort of being a part of the solutions to make all successes shared and systemic.

What are we doing?

Encourage and foster connected relationships among parents, students, teachers, administrators, and community. Addressing a large array of educational issues that impact pedagogy, best practice, change, and rationale without inserting personal thoughts, beliefs, biasis, or agendas. All action is taken for the good of the whole, as the PAC is an essential vehicle to express the truth and how it aligns to accomplishing our ultimate goals.

How do we accomplish this?

We are a parent committee that gathers information without prejudging or reaching a verdict before knowing or investigating the full details through PAC. Our job is not to determine if a situation is right or wrong, but to simply advocate for the thoughts and feelings of the collective parents that are represented by the group. We use the Superintendent and other School Administrators and resources to better understand and then to communicate the bigger picture and justification for parent concerns. We understand that the effectiveness of the Committee is not the responsibility of any school official, found within any post or tweet, but lies within our collective duties, power, and voice as one group to move towards the best educational experience for all children.

Communication with a transparent intent, and with the purpose of resolving concerns not heightening divide, the PAC listens to the voices of the community and turns conversations into actions and success. The purpose is to help individuals learn the truth and form their own opinions, while empowering them to advocate for themselves and their children.

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